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A True Story

This song had developed because of a true life experience for John. While residing in Texas, he gave the eulogy at his next door neighbor's funeral. At the grave site, he remarked that he was going to miss Mr. Moe and right then, a butterfly came down and flew around John's face. Someone then commented that it looked as though he might "still be with him."

On another occasion, his wife asked if they were going to church and as he said he did not think so... then, a butterfly came down and lit on his shoulder. He looked at the butterfly and realized that his beloved mother was telling him that he needed to go to church, and to go get ready.

Everybody has lost someone... and because of their faith in God they feel that someone is up there looking out for them. Yes, God does work mysteriously and yes maybe through a butterfly, a red bird, a gentle breeze, or some other "sign", a mother's love, and "oh yes", the sweet memories of home.

"May God Bless You"

Butterfly On My Shoulder

John Jordan - Butterfly On My Shoulder
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